A student’s level of motivation is often the key factor when it comes to performace and results

Educational Psychology involves psychology in the educational setting this can include educational assessments and psychotherapy that addresses educational and developmental functioning for students as required. Educational Psychology includes a variety of specialities within the educational setting some of which include behavioural management strategies for classroom behaviour management, classroom strategies / management, curriculum development. Educational Psychology may incorporate motivational techniques in the learning setting. Motivation techniques in an educational psychology setting may include techniques such as; giving frequent positive feedback which supports students to believe in their ability and know that they can do well as they grow and develop, enable students to discover their sense of personal meaning in the material covered and find it in a way worthwhile, providing the student with choices and assisting the student to build a sense of autonomy and independence, and seek appropriate role models / modelling positive behaviour.

Our qualified psychologists can work with adult students in tertiary study (eg University) and can also work with those in high school or primary school.

Child Psychology addresses infants, children and adolescent aged children. Child Psychology is an important part of psychology. Motivation plays a part in Child Psychology and can assist children to achieve. Motivation can assist in many areas of Child Psychology, motivation strategies can be utilised in behavioural therapy approaches that incorporate reinforcement techniques to motivate positive desired behaviour in younger children in a parent focused child therapy approach. Motivation can also play a role in identity formation, utilising motivational approaches when working with adolescents can help build a sense of confidence and self-belief that can help develop success oriented identity. Motivation can also be incorporated in Child Psychology with motivational approaches able to assist adolescent students with their motivation in their studies.

We utilise motivation techniques and approaches to address the concerns for students of all ages in order to optimisie their results. This is often plays a key role in their overall success. To make an appointment fill the form on the right of screen…