Motivation plays a vital role for the aspiring or professional sports person

Sports Psychology involves the way in which psychological factors impact performance and the way in which participation in exercise and sport impact psychological and physiological factors.

Not only does sports psychology involve training and instruction of psychological skills to enhance and improve performance it may also involve working in the area of rehabilitation, communication, team building, career transitions, and may work with athletes and coaches. Sports Psychology may also include areas of focus such as personality, which explores the link between personality factors and traits and performance, self-efficacy and mental toughness. Motivation is a main part of Sports Psychology and some of the main techniques utilised to assist athletes with their performance may include such strategies; arousal regulation, goal setting, imagery, pre-performance routines and self-talk.

Sports Psychologists work with athletes both amateur and professional athletes, and assist in the area of performance and motivation. Some issues athletes may face could include, losing focus during competition, feeling anxious during competition, difficulty getting motivated for training to prepare for competition, challenges communicating with team mates are just some examples. Sports psychologists assist with overcoming hurdles in order to meet full potential, dealing with pressure as athletes may experience external pressure as well as they pressure they put on themselves, recovering from injury and pain management, maintaining motivation to keep to an exercise routine, and enjoying the sport they do which may include mental rehearsals and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to address cognitive restructuring. Sports Psychologists are equipped to deal with performance and motivational challenges that may arise for athletes

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