Motivation can play a vital role in productivity, enjoyment and results in a corporate environment.

Motication can be defined as the psychological feature in which an individual is stimulated to action towards wanted and desired goals, and then ignites controls and maintains particular goal directed behaviours. There are many psychological approaches to motivation, including cognitive, behavioural and emotional, as well as physiological. Motivational counselling can assist business men and women with both, internal or intrinsic motivation and external or extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation can refer to motivation that is focused and determined by an interest or pleasure in a particular task, rather than external factors. Intrinsic motivation for instance would assist students or academics with their achievements, for example they may account their educational achievements and results to matters under their control, believe in their own skill, and develop interest in particular areas to achieve good results. Extrinsic motivation refers to performance of an activity, for example a new business project, in order to obtain a particular outcome. This involves an energetic activation component and specific behaviour directed behaviour, for example this type of motivation may be important for professionals and those performing in competition where part of the motivation is derived from external factors like return on investment, promotions, winning a deal and utilising the pressure around them to turn stress into positive energy.

Both aspects of motivation can be vital depending on the individual and their goals.

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