Difficulty getting started? Not sure where to start? Ideas are there but you are lacking drive? Mentally committed but feel unable to follow through?

Losing motivation can be challenging and frustrating.

Sometimes there is a life set back or sometimes you just simply can’t get into writing that essay, studying for that exam, or training for that event.

Whether you are an athlete, student, actor, musician, or a member in the corporate world, all individuals at some point can be affected by performance concerns.

Having someone alongside us can help. We can assist and support you during this process. One of our experienced psychologists will explore your goals with you and help you get where you would like to go and achieve what you would like to achieve.

We can help you develop mental approaches to assist with motivation and performance and cope with both the mental and physical pressures of daily work and tasks as well as achieve your goals.

Some of these motivational approaches may include:

• Goal setting
• Increasing motivation
• Relaxation
• Performance slumps
• Transitions
• Self-talk
• Preparation / routines
• Coping with success / failure
• Burnout and overtraining
• Self-confidence
• Focus and concentration
• Imagery / Visualisation
• Anxiety / Stress / Arousal
• Teamwork / group cohesion
• Decision making
• Coping with injury
• Practice
• Planning
• Refocusing
• Blocking out
• Concentration
• Anxiety and arousal control
• Mental Rehearsal
• Aspiration
• Many of these skills can be transferred to aspects of everyday life!

We specialise in a range of therapies and therapeutic techniques

About Online and Phone Therapy:

How can I benefit from phone and online therapy?
• It is convenient, have therapy anytime at your convenience 24/7
• It is accessible, no travel involved
• Lack of travel can mean improved access for those with other commitments, busy schedules or living in remote areas
• It might be difficult for you to get away, or perhaps you travel a great deal or have a complicated work schedule
• Some people feel more comfortable to engage in therapy online or over the phone
• Some people may feel freer in an online environment, where they can openly discuss issues, thoughts or experiences
• It’s affordable
• Have sessions at your pace

Circumstances not suitable for online and phone counselling. Unfortunately our online and phone service are not quite suitable for all clients and circumstances

Our service may not be the right one for you if you are:
• Experiencing severe depression
• Are at risk of suicide
• If you are experiencing domestic violence
• If you suffer psychiatric symptoms that require a multidisciplinary team approach such as psychosis or eating disorders, where a person’s life could be in danger. If psychiatric disorders are well managed through consultation with a psychiatrist and medication compliance then online or phone sessions may be appropriate.

If you are experiencing severe depression and feel at risk of suicide please phone: Lifeline 13 11 14 or visit www.lifeline.org.au
If you are experiencing domestic violence please phone: National DV Hotline Number 1800 200 526 (You can get information about local services through this number)