We are here to help you find the inspiration to perform at your peak

Our leading peak performance psychologist Dr. Theresa Marasco specialises in working with those who are looking to optimise their performance. Whether you are a corporate professional, sports person, student, or someone who just wants to get the best results out of each day, motivation therapy is often the key to breaking through to the next level of achievement.

1 on 1 sessions are available with our lead psychologist, as well as team sessions ideal for team bonding in corporate environments and team cohesion within sports teams.

We accept clients within Australia and sessions are conducted over the phone, with video calls as an added option.

Motivation is about gaining momentum, and it all starts with the first step, we are here to help you get there…

Contact us using our appointment form on the right of screen to get started today.

Please fill our contact form on this website or send us an email stating briefly what you would like help with and leave your preferred form of contact (email / phone) and one of our experienced psychologists will get back to you within 24 hours.

• Our sessions run either by phone or online. This will depend on what the individual prefers
• Online sessions can take the form of video conference, again this will depend on what the individual prefers, sessions can involve online conference without video if preferred
• Sessions run for 50 minutes
• Sessions are secure

Phone Sessions
Once the appointment has been finalised one of our experienced psychologists will phone you at the scheduled appointment time. Video calls are also available.

Online Sessions
The aim of online therapy is to provide you with psychological consultation in the same way it would be in attending a physical appointment. This is achieved through video conferencing technology as it allows you to access an experienced psychologist the same as you would in a face-to-face session where you can see, hear and interact with your psychologist “virtually” for the full duration of the session.

All of our online psychologists are experienced practising psychologists

What do you need?
• A computer that has a reliable internet service and a private, quiet space that will be uninterrupted throughout the duration of the session
• A computer with a camera and audio capacity. You need to create a Skype account and you will need an email address and access to Internet banking for payments.

For more information on this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Getting Started
• Appointment times are confirmed through email
• For online sessions instructions will be provided
• Once the session has been booked, payment is prepaid to secure appointment – instructions on how to complete this process will be provided beforehand
• Online therapy is not currently covered by Medicare under the Medicare Better Access Scheme.
• If you think Phone or Online Therapy might be right for you, contact us today!